The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 is finally confirmed, with a new mystery is upon us!

November 7th is the date when this show will return to our screens, and it was officially confirmed by the History Channel. The series started back in 2014, and this is its third year running, and so far we loved every minute of the show. As you know the main protagonists are Rick and Marty Lagina who made their goal at discovering the mystery of the 222-year-old Oak Island. The treasure hunt was very interesting so far, but nothing big was uncovered, and everyone is hoping that the Season 5 will be the one where they finally strike gold!

The quest for Oak Island treasure was grueling and heartbreaking so far, and if you recall, son of Craig Tester has died during the Season 4 raising the number of total deaths to six including all the previous expeditions. The Lagina brothers were mainly unsuccessful so far, and everyone is hoping that this Season will bring us something concrete, or at least hint what the treasure beneath the hole actually is. Spoiler Alert! According to MobiPicker, we found out that the Season 5 will bring more deaths and we are all hoping that the protagonists of the show will not be the ones facing their demise.

What actually tickles everyone’s imagination is the tales that surround the island and the alleged buried treasure. If you recall the story, back in 1860, a code was deciphered which reportedly says that there are two million pounds hidden 40 feet below, but to make things interesting the Lagina brothers already drilled far past that depth and didn’t discover anything. What will be a sad thing to see is the fact that this might end up to be a hoax after all, since all tales of this sort are, or many of them for that matter. But for the sake of Rick and Marty, and everyone who participated in this project, let’s hope that they will find at least something of some importance, no matter how big or small it is.

If you still aren’t watching this TV Show, let us throw a few numbers your way that might persuade you to rethink. A few articles back we informed you that this is a very popular series with an average of 5.4 million viewers per episode, at least according to Deadline. Its last season has an average of 4.4 million total viewers in Live+7, and it also has 35 million total viewers in linear Live+7. It is hard even to think that all of these people are just wasting their time with the show, and there has to be something to it that draws them in. Why don’t you see for yourself and decide, and tell us what you think in comments below.