The Curse of Oak Island – Will Tester’s Son’s Death Fulfill the Curse?

There has been a recent death among the people connected to the History’s The Curse Of Oak Island. Namely, the son of producer and star of the show, Craig Tester, passed away. Drake’s death must have caused enormous grief to Tester, and while most people are sympathizing with his loss, there are still the ones who are wondering whether Drake’s death will fulfill the curse of Oak Island and reveal the 200-year-old treasure that the Lagina brothers are in search of.

Drake Tester reportedly died on March 26, but it seems that the family wants to remain silent about the cause of his death. Numerous fans were curious to find out the background of the incident in order to join the family in mourning, but this was not the only reason which sparked their curiosity. Namely, Drake appeared a few times in the show. He is not a part of The Curse Of Oak Island directly, but he works for the Lagina brothers.

As we already know, in the mysterious curse of the island it is said that lives must be sacrificed in order for the treasure to reappear in the land. Therefore, this sudden death made numerous people speculate on its reappearance. It was said though that it should be some death during the hunt and that there is only one life left to be lost in order to complete the 7 lives sacrifice.

In the meantime, Rick and Marty Lagina are reported to be reviewing the strategies of the past treasure hunters. They are expected to find some clues from the other teams’ digging, and they’re supposed to use them to locate the treasure believed to be hidden underneath the island. The Curse of Oak Island still hasn’t been renewed for a fifth season, but numerous fans seem to be looking forward to seeing the Lagina brothers finish their quest.