Customer Feedback Gathering Questions and Possible Ways

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Customer feedback measures customer satisfaction level and customer feedback can be gathered via customer surveys. Not every other customer out there is happy and you need to know why through customer feedback surveys. And the happiest customers can tell you what makes them happy so you can capitalize on that to excel further.

In short below are a few questions that come to mind when a brand perceives its efficiency and brand acceptability that can be easily answered and catered for via customer satisfaction surveys so every brand needs to have these questions in their customer feedback surveys to make sure that every customer is being taken care of and that the brand grows every day.

Questions to ask yourself before creating a customer feedback survey, as stated by Surveymonkeyusa:

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  • Are my customers happy?
    • If so, why and how have I made them happy? Believe me or not, the feedback you would get from most customers would vary.
  • Do I have angry customers?
    • If so, why and how have I made them angry? And do they want to contribute to resolving their problem and moving from being angry to happy?
  • Do I have returning customers?
    • If so, what is it that makes them come back? Is it customer service? Is it the product and service itself? Is it the cost/price or is it the whole brand itself?
  • Is my service providing a solution to a problem customers have in an efficient way?
    • If so, how can I capitalize on that and add more value add to that to further increase customer loyalty?

There may be so many more questions that you may need to ask yourself before putting out a customer satisfaction survey put there to be filled in. In short, you need to put yourself in your customer shoes and think what will make you feel good when you fill out a survey and what type of questions do you expect to answer and this will fulfill the purpose.

Best Possible ways to gather Customer Feedback

With the inception of the internet a few decades back, the world has started to shrink day by day. Nowadays, everything you need can be accessed via a small gadget (cell phone) that travels with you wherever you go and can fit inside your small pocket. Everyone is dependent upon technology. But yes, there are customers that may need flexibility and you need to account for that as well.

Below are a few possible ways to gather customer feedback as providing flexibility can increase your customer and brand loyalty:

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  • Online Customer Feedback Portal
    • Having a dedicated and designated website portal for customer feedback gathering is what is most important to have these days as this is the most simple and easy way to gather feedback with a few clicks.
  • Telephonic Customer feedback Gathering
    • Having a specific number that a customer can call to submit his feedback is another way to gather important feedback
  • Physical Mail for Customer Feedback Gathering
    • Having a physical address provided to customers where they can submit a postcard by adding their feedback is what can increase the chance of more customer feedback gathering for improvements
  • In-house Customer feedback cards
    • Whether you own a restaurant or a clothing store, you should always have a postcard placed somewhere easily accessible within your shop/restaurant where customers can fil in their feedback and also provide suggestions for improvements

There would be a lot many ways to get feedback and questions that can be asked to measure customer satisfaction but rest assured if you are performing the above mentioned, you are almost covered.

Customer feedback surveys are the best possible way to get customer satisfaction measured and increasing the chances of more customer acquisition and gaining customer loyalty. If you want your brand to succeed and keep growing, try gathering customer feedback via customer surveys on a daily basis.