Protect your business – Cyber Security Tips 2024

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With technology advancing as each day goes by, and so many businesses being done on the Internet, the risks for Cyber-Attacks are getting pretty high. A statistic for 2017 said that about sixty five percent of all small businesses in the United States were a victim of a cyber-attack, with the majority of those attacks being fatal.

What does “fatal” mean when we’re talking about a business? Well, all of the sensitive data, analytics, sales reports, business secrets and other confidential info that you have stored on your servers gets leaked, and in most cases abused in order to harm the business even further. That doesn’t sound nice at all, does it?

Well, we don’t want these kind of things happening to anyone, but unfortunately the corporate world is really cruel, and you never know what someone is planning behind your back, so the best way is to not risk anything and stay protected at all times.

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Today we’re discussing about Cyber-Security, so if you are the owner of a smaller business that considers getting protected, or you simply want to learn more about the subject, feel free to continue reading until the end. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

Cyber-Security Tips 2024

This is probably the most basic one, and it also may sound a bit “weak”, but trust me, it really helps a lot. Two-Factor Authentications. And we mean it for everything that requires a log-in inside your business. Every sign-in, every bank account or insurance account, literally everything that requires you to write a combination of a username and a password, set up a 2FA for it. It may not be the best way to stop a hacker, but you will make their work a lot harder since they’ll have to hack another e-mail, a phone message system or some other things as well before breaching completely, and this can sometimes mean the difference between getting hacked completely or not.

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Next on the list is firewalls. According to Radius Executive IT Solutions, a firewall is the most widely used type of protection, and it serves a great purpose. It will defend a network or a device against multiple forms of hacker attacks, and it is definitely advisable to set up one for your network. Although most experienced hackers will still find a way to code their malware to bypass the firewall, it will still stop the majority of attacks.

Honestly, the best advice that we can give you, especially if you are someone who isn’t really an expert in cyber-security, which is probably the reason why you are reading this article in the first place, is to hire a professional managed IT service company that offers non-stop internet protection and monitoring. They usually don’t cost a lot at all, and are probably the best investment that you can do for your business. Unfortunately, as each year passes by, the amount of cyber-attacks will keep increasing, and you should do everything you can in order to prevent them.