Dak Prescott and his glove! Will he leave it on for the rest of this season?!


The Dallas Cowboys are on a three-win streak, and they are ecstatic, but also horrified because their playoff lives are hanging on a very thin line. One mistake and it can all be over, which is the thing no one is hoping for. But besides this, there is something else interesting regarding Cowboys, or to be perfectly exact, their star QB Dak Prescott.

Maybe you caught this, maybe you haven’t, but Dak wore a glove on his left hand for each of the last two games. Could it be a lucky charm of sorts or completely untied thing to the winning streak they achieved? This probably isn’t anything like that, especially when you consider that Jason Garrett had his team practice outdoors on a Thursday for the first time, in order to prepare for the weather conditions in New York. Thanks to that, the glove is possibly Dak’s response to being ready to play outdoors in cold weather. So it shouldn’t be that weird to see a QB with a glove on especially when it is a match in harsh conditions such has followed Cowboys during games in New York and Oakland.


But the game against Seattle Seahawks wants us to ask ourselves “will Dak wear the glove once more?” If you think about it, it is an indoor game, it will be fairly warm as far as temperature is concerned, the logic implies he will not wear it, but if he does, there is something more to the glove. But let’s wait and see what actually happens. In the meantime, we have to another interesting thing with you.

As far as gloves on NFL quarterbacks are considered, they pretty much made it to headlines back in 2014 with Teddy Bridgewater who, famously, wore them on both of his hands and Peyton Manning went to and from the glove life. As far as Dak is considered, ever since he slipped his on, he is 38/57 for 544 yards, has three touchdowns from New York game, and two interceptions from Oakland duel. But do not think that the glove made any statistical impact on his numbers relative to the rest of his 2017 season.


One more thing must be noted, and its the fact that he actually started wearing the glove ever since his hand injury against the Washington Redskins. Here, some of you that are little more up to speed and, are able to notice this kind of things, might say that he actually doesn’t wear the glove on his throwing hand which is the one that got injured. Well, you are right, and, unfortunately, we can’t explain that. Whatever the case with Dak and his glove may be, we only hope that he will keep things the way they’ve been. If it is a lucky charm keep it on, if it is something else, keep it on anyway because why risk something nevertheless how superstitious it is. Plus, remember that Jason Garrett is the guy you will have to say “Hey, I wore it for two games, I’ve decided to ditch it the third one.” Can you image the outrage it would be and the look on Garrett’s face?!

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