Is Dak Prescott Cowboys’ Most Irreplaceable Player?


Every contender in the NFL needs most of their star players to be healthy in order for their dreams to come true. Injuries play a major role each and every season, and they are always a factor. Some injuries won’t have much to do with the outcome in the Playoffs, but some of them can destroy all the hard work that a certain team has put in all year long.

If we take a look at the Dallas Cowboys roster, we can see that Dak Prescott is the player that they will have the toughest time replacing if he goes down. But, why is he the one that is the hardest to replace when Elliot and some other stars are also on this roster?

Well, the Dallas Cowboys really don’t have anybody else at the QB position that can get the job done or even game manage for them. If Ezekiel Elliot goes down, there are a couple of backs on that roster that can do a decent job for coach Jason Garrett. Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden could be a good running back duo behind that offensive line.

We have seen what happened while Dez Bryant was out with the injury. Other wideouts stepped up, and the running game was on point. It is clear that he is not the toughest guy to replace on this Dallas Cowboys roster. The offensive line is quite important, but there is no player there that can’t be replaced. If one goes down, the rest of them are good enough to hold the fort from falling.

This is why Dak Prescott is the most important player here. If they want to win the title this season, they need him to be healthy and available each and every week. The QB position is the most important one in all of the football. That holds true for the Cowboys just like every other squad.