Dak Prescott is the Future of Dallas Cowboys, Not Ezekiel Elliott


Dak Prescott has been driving the golf cart around corners of the Dallas Cowboys training camp complex, and the iPhone he held in his left hand was broadcasting a FaceTime conversation.

“You can’t tell that guy anything,” the phone blared, as Prescott’s friend cracked jokes about one of the quarterback’s business partners. “He’s got the biggest mouth ever. You should just call him ‘The Mouth.’ If you want everyone in the world to know something, tell ‘The Mouth’ and then he’ll tell the whole world.”

Prescott just smiled for a moment, and with his right hand he made a sharp left turn and hit the brakes. After that, he pointed the camera on his phone toward Cowboys public relations guy Rich Dalrymple. “Rich, come here,” Prescott said. “Talk to him.”


We can see Prescott in his full glory, but only twelve months ago, he was fighting for the position on the squad. Now, he navigates the entire franchise, not just the golf cart, and he is responsible for the future of the most famous team in America. Trainer Tom Shaw, who has worked with Dak in the last two offseasons said: “He’s made a leap forward in so many ways – you can see it in every part of him. There’s always a sophomore slump when you’re not prepared. Well, I think he has over-prepared for this next step.”

Soon enough, we will see whether the statement is true. Dak has been working hard thus far, but he has yet to continue his development. Also, besides his game, he needs to work on his tight friendship with running back Ezekiel Elliott. The truth is that Dallas wants Prescott to be the main guy on the team, even though Elliott exploded as well in the last season. They want to keep Prescott for his entire career if possible, and he is already compared to the greats such as Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Peyton Manning.

He spent the offseason with the Cowboys coach Mike Woicik working on his physique and core strength. However, Prescott keeps improving each aspect of the game and throwing the ball is one of them. He threw one pass in front of Shaw this offseason it almost fooled us into thinking that he was John Elway. Shaw said: “Will he try to fire the ball down the field this year? Yeah, I think he will.”

So far, Dak Prescott has been doing everything he was told to do to lift his game to the next level. He spent the majority of the offseason at the facility, and he would often show up for added weight-training sessions which are usually not done by quarterbacks. He worked with Shaw, but also with his teammates including Elliott, Bryant and the other offensive players.

With the improved game, Prescott will take Dallas’ game to a new level. He will get the freedom to do whatever he feels is the best for the team, and we think that this guy will use the opportunity well. Dak is advancing into the areas which suit him the best, plus he will be able to tailor them to his own liking.


That is exactly what Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants – Prescott steering the wheel and taking the commanding role of the franchise. He will be the pace setter of the team, and he has just made his first steps.

Don’t be mistaken, Dallas has other leaders as well, and young Ezekiel Elliott is one of them. Dez Bryant can use his experience and skill to help the squad. His voice is going to be heard too. Many other players will lead the team next season. But it is Prescott who has to become the central figure. A leader amongst leaders.