Dak Prescott – The Key Man In Cowboys Win!

Source: thenewstribune.com

Looking strictly at statistics, Dak Prescott had better games than yesterdays win over Cardinals. But, if you look at the hard way it was won, this one must be more satisfying than any other. The final score was Cowboys 28, Cardinals 17.

Both pundits and fans were interested to see how will Prescott and Elliott bounce back from heavy Broncos defeat. The duel in Denver was the worst loss in their short careers. They both responded in a fighting manner with Dak emerging as the one who took the reins in his hands the most.

After the game, Cowboys young quarterback said: “Last week, we got hit in the mouth pretty good. It was important for us to come back this week, prepare the right way and do the things that we needed to do to get a win tonight.”

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The first sign of Dak that we know and love is back was his 10 yard run in the second quarter which ended with a touchdown. In the process, Prescott jumped over two Cardinals player into the end zone.

His teammate Ezekiel Elliott had to say the following about his QB: “Dak was an animal today. He came out there and made some big plays. Sometimes he has to use his feet to get out of the pocket to make those downfield throws, but he played amazing.”

Source: thenewstribune.com

During the third quarter on one of the plays he found Dez Bryant and connected with him for a 15-yard touchdown. The one who helped was Travis Frederick who pushed Dez over the goal line despite efforts from may Cardinals players. Prescott’s best play of the night came in the fourth quarter when he found Brice Butler in the end zone. Despite being put off-balance, he managed to throw the ball for a 39-yard connection. Late in the quarter when everybody expected for Dak to use Elliott more, he surprised everyone when throwing a 53-yard pass to Brice Butler. Zeke was utilized on a later play, for an 8 yard run for his first TD of the season.

Source: thenewstribune.com

The 28-17 score might give off an impression that Cowboys had an easy night, but that wasn’t the case. In the first three games, Cowboys didn’t have it easy, especially their offense. The Denver Broncos defense is now is definitely one of the best if not the best unit in the NFL, but both Giants and Cardinals have respectable defenses. Janoris Jenkins, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr., and Patrick Peterson are some of the most respected cornerbacks in the league.

To achieve victory on Monday Dak Prescott played with his legs, arms, and most importantly his heart and head. He finished the match with 183 yards on 13 completions with 18 attempts, and also he rushed for 17 more. His first deputy Elliott had 80 yards on 22 carries, which is excellent compared to eight yards on nine carries against Broncos.

In the end, Cowboys will have easier wins than this one, but they will hardly find any more satisfying.