Dak Prescott Picks Family Time Over TV Appearance


Even though Dak Prescott is enjoying his success while being the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, he is still making sure that he has his feet firmly on the ground and he is focused on what is important. Football and family. He is doing a great job on the field, and he chose to do a good thing and spend some time with his family now that Cowboys are on a bye week.

There are some reports that Prescott turned down multiple TV appearances including one late-night show appearance so he could visit his family this week when the Cowboys don’t have a game to play.

“It’s football and family”, Dak was quick to point out. “That’s what I focus on. If I have time to get away and spend time with my family that I’m not going to get to do for awhile that I haven’t done for a while. I’m going to take advantage of it. It’s more important to me to spend time with my family that to go with those deals.”

It’s pretty clear what are Prescott’s priorities. Dallas’ Rookie was also asked about the deals that he chose to turn down.


“One of them was a late night show with somebody. Another was out of the country and that was definitely no. Those deals will be there. If they really want it bad enough they will find a way.”

Great job Dak, we really like the way you are thinking. It is good to see that all that fame didn’t hit him in the head and that he didn’t develop that superstar ego that ruined so many great people.