Dak Prescott Stars In Cowboys Win Against Bears


Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t be worrying about Romo being injured. Dak Prescott is there to save the day. Rookie QB is just looking better each and every week, poised, calm, always making the right play. Another game for him with no picks and another win for the Dallas Cowboys.

Prescott did have a TD run in the first two weeks but wasn’t able to find his receivers in the end zone. Well, that pass-TD drought ended last night as he was able to find Dez Bryant for a 17-yard pass touchdown. Rookie himself said that it was a great feeling to hit the end zone finally.


He went 19/24 in the game for 244 passing yards and two total TDs. One of them being in the air and one of them on the ground. He also did have 36 rushing yards on the game to go with his 123.6 passer rating.

Terrific performance by this young man who is more and more looking like a franchise Quarterback someone that could replace 36-years old Romo. You just can’t help but wonder if he will and should remain under center when Tony Romo comes back. He looks like the future of this Cowboys team. But, we knew that already after the preseason. What we didn’t know is that he probably is the present of this team as well.

It’s definitely going to be interesting watching this QB controversy in Dallas. And yes, there is one, and you better believe it. Latest info suggested that Romo could come back on Nov. 6 meaning that Prescott will have one more week to prove that he is both present and future of this team. Dak or Tony? Jason Garrett the ball is in your court.