Dak Prescott’s 2018 Comeback

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8Will Dak Prescott Make a Comeback In 2018?


The position of a quarterback is the hardest one to play in the NFL. However, Dak has it a little bit more difficult compared to the other QBs. Why? Because Dak is playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He needs to step up and meet the high expectations which are set by legendary players before him and always-dissatisfied fans.

Three big names

Roger Staubach managed to raise the football in Texas to a new level, moving it from just college and high school ranks to the national. This happened when he triumphed against the Miami Dolphins back in Super Bowl VI. Even though Dallas lost to the Baltimore Colts, people sensed that it was time for the Texas team to win it all.

Troy Aikman managed to revive the winning attitude and proud culture in Dallas in the 1990s when he won three Super Bowls in just four years. Dallas was once again at the peak of America, but ever since then, the organization has struggled to reach the top.

However, the new face arrived – Tony Romo. Once again, Dallas fans were looking forward to Championship runs, but unfortunately, there weren’t any. Romo is one of the best Cowboy players ever, and yet he failed to win the title. On top of that, we need to mention him because he holds a lot of records for the Cowboys, plus he was with the franchise for a long time, always giving his best.

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