Dallas Cowboys’ 12 Possible Offseason Trade Targets

Source: www.seahawks.com

The Dallas Cowboys are entering the offseason with the young squad, but there are some players that the Cowboys are looking to acquire for the upcoming season. What they need are veteran defensive players which will lead this young team, and there are some great possibilities.

Defensive Line – Malcolm Brown (New England Patriots) and Sheldon Richardson (New York Jets)

The Sheldon Richardson trade has been in the rumor mill for some time, and both teams will have to decide if this is what they want to do. However, for the Cowboys, the price has to be just right to acquire Richardson, but the other option is the Patriot defensive lineman Malcolm Brown. He is talented and about to hit free agency, and the Patriots are always active in the trades.

Source: www.patspulpit.com

Defensive Back – Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks), Malcolm Butler (New England Patriots), Kam Chancellor (Seattle Seahawks), Xavier Rhodes (Minnesota Vikings), Calvin Pryor (New York Jets)

These are all interesting trades, but Dallas filled their empty defensive back roster during the draft. However, adding a veteran at defensive back is still a possibility. The Seahawks have two top players at these positions – safety Kam Chancellor and a cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman is rumored to be traded, and he would be a great addition for the Cowboys, and since he is about to turn 30, we will definitely see him playing for one more team.

A more unlikely option for the Cowboys is to land the other Legion of Boom member – Kam Chancellor – a player who would completely change the secondary. Just like Sherman, Kam is likely to leave the Seahawks, but it is just a matter of time. When it comes to Malcolm Butler, he has been on the Patriots trade block for this offseason, and he has one year left on his deal, so he will most likely be on the move. Although he would be a good fit in Dallas, the Pats may ask too much for Butler. Rhodes is young and will probably get an extension, while Pryor, who is a good player, has failed to show off last year, but the Jets had a poor season in general.

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Wide Receiver – Mike Wallace (Baltimore Ravens), Donte Moncrief (Indianapolis Colts), Martavis Bryant (Pittsburgh Steelers), Taylor Gabriel (Atlanta Falcons), Jarvis Landry (Miami Dolphins)

The wide receiver position is essential for every team. Ryan Switzer really looks incredible, and he could be a valuable piece for the Cowboys during the next season. Be that as it may, Dallas is supposed to land at least one additional wide receiver, and Mike Wallace is probably not going to be that guy since the Ravens have made him out to be their best player at this position. He is a fast player and can run well, but if Dallas is looking for someone of that caliber, they might turn to younger Taylor Gabriel. He is fast indeed and can catch the ball.

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However, the best player on the list above is Jarvis Landry, and he will leave Miami, but it is just a matter of time. So perhaps, the Cowboys should try to trade for him despite the fact that the Dolphins will do everything in order to keep him. The matter of fact is that he needs a team that is closer to winning a championship and that team is in Dallas. Landry could fit easily with Beasley and Switzer, and he would really improve Dallas’ game.

Martavis Bryant is without any doubt one of the best players in the Steelers, but he is a bit troublesome. He has been suspended for violating the substance-abuse policy of the league, so he could be looking for a fresh start. That fresh start might be in Dallas.