Dallas Cowboys 2017: Quarterbacks Going Into The Season


The most important position in all of the football is the quarterback position. In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys had the most interesting quarterback situation in league with Tony Romo and Dak Prescott. At the same time, that was probably the strongest quarterback duo that existed in the NFL a season ago. Well, Tony Romo is not there anymore, and Dak Prescott’s position is now safe. He is the clear-cut starter on this team now and a quarterback of the future.

We know that he is not going to make a lot of mistakes. The Cowboys are not asking him to go all-in all the time. The team just needs him to control the pace of the game, make the right decisions when it comes to when he should tuck that ball in and run with it, and not take too many risks. In 2016, he did his job. We have seen that he can be good even when he needs to chase the other team and when the Cowboys are in the deficit.

Yeah, just like every QB, he made some mistakes when he needed to be aggressive, but he also made some big-time plays. You can just look at the match against the Packers when he brought the Cowboys back in the game.


As for the other quarterbacks on the roster, Moore is going to be the number one backup to Dak Prescott. The best thing for the Cowboys is for him not to play as that would mean that Prescott got hurt. He is a veteran, somebody that has already been with the Cowboys and will try to get himself ready and be prepared when and if his number is called. The Dallas Cowboys fans can just hope that it doesn’t come to that as this team had really struggled in the past when their starting signal-callers weren’t available.