Dallas Cowboys Are Not Among Favorites For Super Bowl LIII

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If you remember last year odds, Dallas Cowboys were among the favorites for Lombardi trophy. Many bookmakers believed that America’s Team would be the one who will represent the NFC in Super Bowl.

Fast forward one year, and the team that represented NFC were Philadelphia Eagles. And they went to the end, bringing first Super Bowl to Philly in their history. Every year’s favorites Patriots weren’t a match for Nick Foles and his MVP performance in the final game of the season. Philadelphia Eagles 41 – New England Patriots 33.

The Eagles organization and their fans are probably still celebrating their historic win, but the rest of the league is focused on the next year. And, unlike last year, Cowboys are not front-runners for the footballs most prestigious trophy. America’s Team odds to win Super Bowl next year stand at 24-to-1. Those odds put Cowboys at number eight position to win it all, where they are tied with Texans and Falcons.

Source: www.newsday.com

Same as every year for the past few decades the favorites are New England Patriots. Despite the future of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski are unknown, they are all expected to be back for another Super Bowl run.

The current champions, Philadelphia Eagles, have second best chances to win it again at 10-to-1. Behind them are Pittsburgh Steelers (14-to-1), LA Rams (15-to-1), and Minnesota Vikings (16-to-1). Packers and Saints stand at 19-to-1. Moving on and we have Cowboys, Falcons, and Texans trio at 24-to-1.

The rest of NFC East division are given slim chances of SB with Redskins (64-to-1) and Giants (74-to-1) being among bottom ten favorites. The team that has the slimmest chances of reaching the Super Bowl, or even the postseason at that, are Cleveland Browns with 124-to-1 odds.

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