Dallas Cowboys Are Talented, But Not A Super Bowl-Caliber Team

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The Dallas Cowboys had a fantastic season last year and they showed that they could come all the way to the end. But every season is different and the Cowboys definitely have talented players, but they will not win a title in the upcoming season.

First of all, Tyrone Crawford will be in the squad for the season opener. The team was lucky Crawford only had a lateral sprain of his right ankle and he could have broken his leg. That would be a huge problem for the Cowboys. Crawford wrote on Twitter: “I want to thank everyone for the prayers! I’ll bounce back from this and will be out there putting in.” Just take a look at the Dallas D-Line and secondary and ask your self can this defense lead the team to the finals? The offense will not be the problem with Elliott and Prescott leading the squad, but Dallas will have a hard time repeating the success they had last year.

Secondly, Alfred Morris should join the 53-man roster for several reasons. We still don’t know what will happen with Elliott’s domestic violence accusations. McFadden is prone to injuries and Morris could replace him if something like that happens.

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Moreover, there is a position battle between Brice Butler and Terrance Williams. Both of them are good players, but Williams is the one with a 4-year 17 million contract, which means that he will keep the spot of the second-option wide receiver. Butler proved that he can play against Arizona, but let’s throw some starting defense on him and see what he will do.

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Last but not least, Jaylon Smith could make an impact in his debut, whenever that happens. His Notre Dame highlights prove that he is a great player at covering the field. In their second preseason game, the Cowboys need to improve their secondary, but the most important thing is to keep the main guys healthy.

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