Dallas Cowboys: Can they be stopped?

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Another round, another win. Vikings vs. Cowboys game just ended and Cowboys recorded their eleventh win in a row. The final score was Cowboys 17 – Vikings 15. A feat that is more impressive when you take into account that they are being led by a rookie tandem Prescott and Elliott.

The game itself wasn’t fun to watch, and both teams failed to impress, but in the end, the victory is the thing that counts. Cowboys held the lead for the most part of the match and Vikings were brought back to life only after Travis Fredricks made a late mistake during simple play when he failed to deliver the ball into the hands of Prescott.

First points were added to the table by Vikes after Forbath scored a field goal. After that, lead was held by Cowboys after Elliott touchdown and Bailey field goal. The first half ended with 10-3 Cowboys lead. In the third quarter, we saw only three points, and they were once again scored by Forbath.

Source: instagram.com
Source: instagram.com

The fourth quarter was marked by good defensive play by both teams, but Cowboys were a better squad, and after forced fumble, they recovered the ball in the red zone. Routine play by Prescot and a short pass to Bryant to extend the Cowboys lead. Only after they were cornered Vikings played like a team that had 5-0 start and managed to complete a drive with a touchdown. After McKinon TD they reduced Cowboys lead to 17-15 and needed a two-point conversion. They were flagged for offensive foul and pegged back by 5 yards. The distance that proved too long for Bradford as he failed to deliver the pass for overtime.

In the end, after a tough match, Dallas Cowboys will be a happier side and with eleven wins in a row they look like a team to beat. Their most loyal fans already see ‘Dem Boyz’ in Super Bowl, but they still have games to play. Their next opponent is the NY Giants, the only team that managed to beat them and that happened in the first round. A game to look forward! Can Cowboy’s be stopped?