Dallas Cowboys Clinch Home Field Advantage In The Playoffs


After winning the divisional title in 2014 and having a disappointing 2015 campaign, the Dallas Cowboys are back as the champions of the NFC East. The Giants lost on Thursday Night Football to the Philadelphia Eagles, helping the Dallas Cowboys clinch that first spot. But, what’s maybe even more important that the title to of the division is the fact that Dallas Cowboys will have the home-field advantage in the postseason.

Dallas is 12-2 right now with two games left to play. These are the two games that have no meaning for the Cowboys now as they have nothing to play for. Detroit Lions should also be happy now as Dallas won’t be in a must-win situation on Sunday as these two squads are scheduled to clash in prime TV.


Coach Jason Garrett will probably let his guys play this Sunday, but we can expect him to rest some starters in the final match of the regular season as Cowboys have nothing to play for until the Playoffs begin. They will have a bye round in the first weekend of the postseason as they won’t have to play during the Wild Card Weekend.

Two rest games and a bye week might be what every team wants during the physical NFL season, but guys can get rusty, and that might be a problem in later Divisional Round game. It’s going to be interesting to see what the Cowboys will do going forward.