Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Wants Kellen Moore as New QB Coach And Here is Why

image source: sportingnews.com

The Dallas Cowboys need to face many decisions in the offseason, and already the changes have started. Wade Wilson, who was the quarterback coach in Dallas is replaced by the former Cowboys player Kellen Moore who was the backup quarterback. It appears that Dak Prescott loves this move.

Moore was the backup quarterback to Tony Romo, but when he got injured, Romo was replaced by Prescott in 2016. Initially, Moore’s role remained more or less the same, and last season, he was demoted to the practice squad.

image source: expressnews.com

“I’m a big fan of Kellen Moore,” Prescott said Friday on the Newy Scruggs radio program, “I pushed for that, and I know he helped me so much throughout the season, both seasons.”

“He’s just so smart. I told him when he became a college coach, and I had a kid my son had no choice of who he was going to play for. I’m excited I get to play under him now and I’m excited for him to take this role as a coach and I know he’ll be really good at it,” added Prescott.

This will be the first time for Moore to be the coach, but his great relationship with Prescott, who is supportive, will make everything easier. Dak also pointed out:

“We have a great relationship. The moment he became quarterback coach, we shared a message, and I told him exactly the things I wanted to push me and challenge me, and I know he’s going to do that. He’s so smart, he knows the game so well, he can only benefit me.” Hopefully, this move will not only benefit Prescott but the Cowboys as well.