Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Has A Big Game Against Arizona Cardinals

Source: sportsday.dallasnews.com

Last year, Ezekiel Elliott was a rookie, but he led the NFL in rushing yards, and he was a First Team All-Pro. These were amazing accomplishments, and his consistency appeared to be one of the experienced players, not of a rookie. In every game except his first one in the NFL, Elliott had more than 80 rushing yards, which was just a fascinating result. He continued this season with 104 yards against the Giants but was stopped in Denver with only eight yards on nine carries.

The fans and the media started questioning Elliott’s ability immediately, after one poor performance. They questioned his stardom, and they gave even more credit to the offensive line, which is great, but let’s face it – Elliott can run. Last night, against the Cardinals, Elliott recorder 80 rushing yards – he’s back! That is still not what we expected from Zeke since he ran for more than 100 yards nine times in his career, but it is still a decent number. Zeke silenced the critics, and that 30-yard run in the first half clearly helped him regain his confidence.

Source: www.espn.com

And this happened against Arizona – a team that allowed the eighth-fewest rushing yards per game in the entire NFL and that has one of the best defenses in the league. Despite that, Elliott restarted his streak and showed that he is a great player, indeed. The Dallas Cowboys are facing Los Angeles Rams, who have one of the worst defenses against rushing, which means that Elliott should shine. Once again, we expect him to go for 100+ yards.

After that, the Cowboys meet with the Packers and San Francisco 49ers in Week 6. The team has a bye week before that game, which Elliott should use to rest and get ready for the remaining of the season. One thing about Elliott no one mentions is that he is not playing for stats, which makes his results even more intriguing. He wants to help his team win, and that is his mission. It is a good thing the Broncos stopped him. He knows that he can be stopped and he will do whatever he can not to allow it again. Elliott is going towards one and only goal – a Super Bowl championship – and we bet that he will run his way to it!