Dallas Cowboys Haven’t Honored Tony Romo Yet


The Dallas Cowboys still haven’t honored Tony Romo, but they plan to do so. However, the exact date of the ceremony is unknown for now, and the owner Jerry Jones said clearly on Wednesday that the Cowboys really want to show what the quarterback meant for the franchise. Romo spent his entire career with the Cowboys but, unfortunately, failed to win the Lombardi.

“We will look to the future on timing as to when we might have more recognition,” Jones said. “At this time, there are no plans for there to be a large-scale public (event), something at the stadium, something at a ballgame or anything like that.”


He added: “There are not succinct plans to do that. Is the idea that recognizing him for what he has done for the Cowboys is likely? Yes.”

Tony Romo made a decision to retire and become the lead analyst for CBS’s coverage of the NFL. So far, the Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Legislature honored Romo, but we are waiting for the Cowboys to do the same. His former team held a press conference where they only announced that DeMarcus Ware would retire as a Cowboy, but they didn’t even mention Romo.

Jones put it simply: “DeMarcus retired and Tony hasn’t. I’m just differentiating why a press conference with DeMarcus as opposed to one with Tony.” And this is true because Romo still hasn’t filed his retirement papers with the league office. This led some people to believe that Romo is waiting for an opportunity to leave the analyst booth and return to the field. This is unlikely but possible.


Once again, Jones makes a strong point: “Again, I’m trying to say the intent is to do things that recognize what he’s meant and the intent is to do it with good timing relative to his ongoing career, whether it be his broadcasting career or otherwise. It’s not out of mind, but I’m trying at the same time to tell you why we haven’t set dates and events.”

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