Dallas Cowboys Need To Sign Jarvis Landry


The one thing that Jarvis Landry does the best in NFL is catching footballs. He even has more catches per game than one of NFL’s premium receivers Odell Beckham Jr.. 400 is the number of receptions in his four NFL Seasons. Michael Irvin, one of the best WR’s ever, never came close to this number in any four years of his career. What makes his feat even more impressive is that he has done this playing beside quarterbacks such as Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, and Jay Cutler. Not to mention the merry-go-round that Dolphins had regarding coaches and coordinators. Landry is only 25 years old which means that his prime years are ahead of him which makes him the most valuable player on the free agent market.


Dallas Cowboys need a star receiver. They are paying for one, but Dez Bryant doesn’t play like one. Cole Beasley also has a reasonable contract, but same as Dez his numbers are lacking. The two of them had 105 catches in 2017. Jarvis Landry had 112.

Cowboys are focused on finding a speedy receiver who will pose as a deep field threat. The lack of big plays was highlighted as America’s Team main problem last season. But, Dallas’s offense is capable of moving the chains even without 50-yard passes. What they missed in 2017 was a receiver that will actually catch the ball.


Landry can do just that. Dak Prescott’s numbers in completion percentage dropped from 67.8 in 2016 to 62.9 in 2017. The Miami Dolphins WR has one of the safest hands in NFL. Yes, he doesn’t accumulate too many yards after the catch, but he’s reliable as they get. And that’s precisely what America’s Team needs. With Landry as Prescott’s target, Dez Bryant could become more of a danger in down-field.

Yes, Landry is not a deep field threat that Cowboys are searching for, but do they even need that? In 2016 their offense worked like a clock with Cole Beasley being Prescott’s favorite target. They don’t need a deep threat if there are dangerous targets in another area of the field. Just look at the Patriots. The most dominant team of the past two decades is doing that without a genuine deep field receiver.

Dallas Cowboys should take a page from Patriots playbook. If they bring in Landry and pair him with Beasley, they will have what Patriots have with Edelman and Amendola. In 2016 Cowboys offense showed us that they could get the job done with the players that don’t fit the deep field receiver description. Cowboys offense can work without players such as Julio Jones. What they need is a prolific catcher such is Jarvis Landry. A speedster for 50-yard passes they can pick up in the draft.


Because all of this, Jarvis Landry needs to be a primary target for Cowboys in the off-season.