Dallas Cowboys Player Arrested For Pulling Gun In Road-Rage Incident


Over the last couple of years, Dallas Cowboys players are often mentioned in the news. Sometimes it is good, but there were more than a few occasions when some of the guys had problems with the law, something that isn’t good for franchise nor the squad.

This time around it has been reported that Marquez White, Cowboys cornerback, was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This was related to a road-rage incident that happened all the way back in October. Even this was reported a few months ago, according to the statement White gave to the local newspaper, he turned himself on June 15 after it was reported that there is a warrant for his arrest.


America’s Team CB said that an aggressive driver followed him and pulled up alongside him after which he used “N” word and other racial slurs. On top of that, the driver also threatened to kill him. According to White, he pulled his gun after the man reached his glove compartment. The aggressive driver continued to follow 23-year-old Dallas player to his house and called the police.

White added: “When the police got there, I came downstairs on my own and gave them my side of the story.” He continued by saying: “Me and my legal team believe strongly that this [is] a personal attack on my image as well as the Star.”

The gun that was in player’s possession is legally owned but was confiscated by the police. At this moment, jail records suggest that he is free on a $7,500 bond. White claims that the assault charge is baseless and that it was an attack on him and the team he plays for.

216th-overall pick from 2017, was taken by the Chiefs but transferred to the Cowboys in May 2017 after which he signed a four-year deal. Soon after that, he was moved to the practice squad, and Dallas squad gave him a Reserve/Future contract at the beginning of this year.