Dallas Cowboys Reserves Lost The Game Vs. 49ers

image source: insidethestar.com

If you only take a look at the result (49ers vs. Cowboys: 24-21), you might think that this is going to be another season in which our team will not see the playoffs. But if you watched the game, then you certainly have seen a lot of great things that promise a good year.

This was only a preseason duel, and not all starters were on the field during it. In the first drive, Prescott managed to complete 3 of 3 passes, and in only ten plays America’s Team won 75 yards and scored a touchdown when Dak found Michael Gallup that was a third-round draft pick. This was a well-executed 30-yard pass, but not the only situation where the young quarterback showed he is ready for big plays. It was a third down for nine when he decided to run and take the first down.

After first few plays, Cooper Rush took over at the position of the quarterback. He also looked more than decent with some good plays, and it was all good for the Dallas franchise. Cowboys had a constant lead until the 4th quarter when the reserves took over but simply couldn’t stop 49ers who managed to win the game with final 24-21.

image source: 49ers.com

We already talked about Dorance Armstrong being one of the best players in training camp, and in the first preseason game he again had a good performance. Even he had only two tackles he was quite present on the field and represented a constant pressure. It looks like that there will be a place for this guy on the 53-man roster this season.

Jaylon Smith is another defender that looked impressive, and he was praised by many staffers. Smith was very active and all over the 49ers offense which is something you always want from your linebacker. During the previous years, it was clear that offense was capable of keeping the defense on the bench and that way winning the games. Now, it seems that both sides will have a good campaign and we might see the Boys going further than the last year.

Also, check out the highlights of the game: