Dallas Cowboys Should Draft TE Mark Andrews

Dallas Cowboys will need a new starting TE in the future, and this year’s draft might be the time to add a quality youngster to the team. One of the players that looks most promising in the upcoming draft is Mark Andrews.

Jason Witten will be a part of Cowboys franchise in 2018, and maybe after that, but he will eventually need a replacement. Dak Prescott likes to pass the ball to the future HOF member, but for both his and the future of Big D squad he will need to create chemistry with a new TE.

Mark Andrews is an Oklahoma Sooners product. Last year he played in the company of Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield and OT Orlando Brown, making Oklahoma one of the best teams in college football. Andrews fits the description of a perfect tight end. He has good hands, is adept at blocking, and possess solid running game. During the last year, Mark also proved that he could be a clutch player when needed.

The Cowboys TE corps aren’t impressive. Besides Witten, there isn’t any player worth mentioning on the roster. Yes, Rico Gathers is talking big this offseason, and America’s Team has high expectations for him. But, he’s far from a finished product, and there are no guarantees that he will be a good NFL player. Cowboys need depth at TE, and they need it now.

The current tight ends on Cowboys roster are Witten, Geoff Swaim, and James Hanna. With their age and contracts, there is a possibility that all three leave Dallas after 2018. This is the main reason why Cowboys need a young TE on the roster. Mark Andrews could be their man for the future.

Dallas Cowboys have more pressing needs on other positions and tight end is one they also need to address. Andrews is the player for the future, but also one that can make an immediate impact. He is a top TE prospect in the draft, so Cowboys might even spend a second-rounder on him.

Remember the ‘Dak-friendly offense’ mantra? Mark Andrews is tailored for it!