Dallas Cowboys Should Sign Patrick Robinson

Source: www.nbcsports.com

Dallas Cowboys will need to add a nickel cornerback in the offseason. While there are going to be good players in the upcoming draft, Cowboys could also use free agency to bolster their ranks.

One of the players that fit the description of what Dallas needs is Patrick Robinson. He was close to becoming a Cowboy in 2016, but things didn’t pan out back then. Instead, he ended up with Colts, spent one year with them, and then signed with Eagles a year later and won a Super Bowl there.

Robinson is a quality player and one who is ready to play on one-year contracts. This is what Cowboys will probably look to do with Patrick. America’s Team still has Orlando Scandrick under contract, but this man will probably get released. He’s expensive and injury prone, not to mention that his performance is declining.

Source: www.philly.com

Replacing one veteran with another makes sense as Robinson is clearly a better player. Some of the team’s most essential players such as Elliott and Prescott are in for an extension in the next few years so Cowboys will need space in their salary cap. So, the only way Robinson ends up in Dallas is if he doesn’t ask too much.

Another benefit of having him on the roster would be that Eagles would lose him. Taking a productive player from divisional rivals is always a good idea. Reigning champions would have a tough job to do on covering Beasley and Switzer.

Dallas Cowboys have young and prospective players in Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis at the corner position. But both of them had injury issues last year, so Cowboys will need another man there just to be completely safe.

Patrick Robinson would be a perfect fit for Cowboys secondary. They failed to sign him in 2016, and 2017 but 2018 might be their year. Third’s the charm.