Dallas Cowboys Sticking With Prescott After Win In Pittsburgh


Dallas Cowboys have just won their eighth straight game. It still sounds a bit unreal, but it’s what has transpired. Pittsburgh is a tough team to beat on the road. Elliots 32-yard came winning TD shows just how good rivals need to be to escape from Heinz Field with a victory.

Dak Prescott is continuing to perform at high level for this team. He overcame the fumble at the beginning of the game and finished it with 309 passing yards and two touchdowns with no more turnovers.

Tony Romo has stated that he has no problem backing up Dak Prescott next week. Whether or not Romo really feels that way, it’s a debate for another time. The fact of the matter is that he did state that and that Jerry Jones doesn’t want to rock the boat and kill teams’ momentum by making a drastic change in the midst of Cowboys’ eighth game winning streak.

Dak Prescott will start again next week against the Ravens. This is a bit surprising as Jerry Jones was open about his liking of Tony Romo and even said that he would regret winning a Super Bowl without him playing at this position.


However, it seems that he realized that Cowboys are performing well without Romo and that he shouldn’t try to fix something that ain’t broke. Prescott will start in Week 11 and will keep his job as long as he is playing at this elite level. Looking at him right now, it seems that he has no plans on slowing down and that he will do everything he can to stay on the field. In some weird way, this can be a motivation for him to jump into even higher gear and show us even more.