Dallas Cowboys To Bring In Earl Thomas From Seattle Seahawks?


Trade talks between Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks have been confirmed by multiple sources, and it seems that Earl Thomas, veteran safety, might be added to America’s Team roster. Rumors about Seahawks safety being unhappy and his wish to become a Cowboy started talks about a trade.

It all began during 2018 NFL Draft, but the team from Seattle wanted a second-round pick in return for their player. This was turned down by Dallas franchise as they weren’t ready to part ways with high pick position. Things could be slightly different now that training camp has started, and we could hear little bit more chatter on this matter.


According to Bryan Broaddus, a writer for the Cowboys’ squad site, there is still a possibility for Thomas to be transferred to Dallas. Here is what he said:

“I feel like that the Earl Thomas situation still is in play. It’s just a matter of where Seattle is going to be. I don’t believe Earl Thomas is going to sit out games for Seattle. I really, really don’t. You’re talking about a guy that makes over $10 million. Players just don’t leave those checks on the field just for principal, for that reason.” He continued by adding “I think that Seattle is going to have to figure out something. The Cowboys are going to have to figure out something. And maybe they do work something out there.”


We all remember the story how Thomas approached Jason Garrett after December clash between two teams and told him he wants to play for Cowboys. One more thing is that Earl played college ball at Texas and it seems that he would love to move to Dallas.

Seahawks safety signed $40 million four-year deal and will receive $8.5 million in 2018 that is also his last season under contract. We need to add that six-time Pro Bowler decided to skip pretty much all summer activities that were organized by the team.