Dallas Cowboys To Make Playoffs in 2018?


Finally, the NFL season is approaching, and after a long offseason, everybody is talking about the chances for their team to get to the playoffs. Our main focus this time will be on Dallas Cowboys, and we spoke with a few experts in this field, and the almost unanimous conclusion is that they have a good chance to reach the postseason.

We saw that America’s Team went to California to a training camp, but we will have to wait a little bit longer to see how some of the guys will perform. This will also give us some insight into what to expect during the season.

Both offseason and draft for this squad were marked by the retirement of Jason Witten and departure of Dez Bryant. There is no doubt that Cowboys franchise lost a lot with these two guys leaving as Bryant was still considered to be a star wide receiver while Witten was always a reliable man at the tight end position.


On the other hand, if we take a look at their productivity, it is clear that their figures were dropping in the last few years, especially in Bryant’s case. After Dak Prescott took over, the number of plays that were going over Dez fell, and that certainly influenced his figures, but it was clear that he was struggling. Plus, Ezekiel Elliott is definitely becoming one of the best RB’s in the game meaning that Cowboys can become the run-heavy offense. When we put all this into account, it is clear that the departure of these two star players will not significantly influence the team’s attack capabilities, at least that is what we hope for.

With few additions on the offensive side, it is clear that the Dallas franchise has fresh blood, but they lack experience. And remember, they were close last season, even with Zeke missing six games. A bigger problem for them is the fact that NFC has more than a few powerful teams. There are Philadelphia, Atlanta, Green Bay, New Orleans, Carolina, and don’t forget quite talented Houston and Jacksonville. Most predictions suggest that Cowboys could get 10-6 and reach playoffs.


Few more things that we need to have in mind are the injuries and the schedule. We saw that Sean Lee was a crucial piece on the defense and without him, the team went to 0-6, and while he was on the field, they had an 8-2 score. Hopefully, some other players will step up and have a bigger influence on the game. When it comes to schedule, we need to say that it is quite difficult and this might be the thing to tip the scale. With a good performance at the right moment, they could easily go 10-6 and reach the playoffs, this is the main goal.