Dallas Cowboys: Trade Dez Bryant For Rob Gronkowski

Dallas Cowboys should trade for Rob Gronkowski. We already talked about this. But how should they do that? It’s easy, they have ten picks for 2018 NFL Draft, and a big name to add to the mix – Dez Bryant.

The rumors about New England Patriots willing to trade their star TE started some time ago. Until they make a public announcement regarding Gronkowski’s future, they will continue. For now, it looks like he might resume his NFL career away from Foxborough. Many teams have shown interest, publicly.

Dallas Cowboys are one of those that are interested, but they still haven’t made a package they would offer to Patriots. According to Bobby Burack of The Big Lead, any offer America’s Team sends in the direction of Boston will need to include Dez Bryant.

There is a tension between Bill Belichick and Gronk that started when star tight end contemplated his future after Super Bowl loss vs. Philadelphia Eagles. When Gronk began thinking about a future away from New England Belichick started to think about the future without Gronkowski.

As for the Cowboys, Rob could be the missing piece of the puzzle for their SB run. The trio of Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and Rob Gronkowski would set NFL on fire. But it remains to be seen what Patriots want for a five-time Pro Bowler. Sending Dez is one thing, but we all know Gronk is worth much more.

With Dez out, Cowboys would need to use their No19 pick for a WR. So adding a first-rounder is not an option. Even second round pick is too much. Dez + a third-round pick would be a fair price for Rob. But there are other factors here, including other teams interested such as San Francisco 49ers.

Also, we should take a look at most recent development at the market. New England Patriots traded Brandin Cooks and a fourth-round pick to Los Angeles Rams in exchange for their first round, and sixth-round picks. Now that Patriots secured another first rounder they have two at their disposal. That’s exactly the price New York Giants set for Odell Beckham Jr. Maybe Patriots look to form an atomic trio themselves in the form of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Beckham Jr.