Dallas Cowboys vs. Arizona Cardinals – What You Need To Know


Yes, the Dallas Cowboys will have a game this Thursday night. The preseason action begins for them as they will be taking on the Arizona Cardinals in a Hall of Fame game. This doesn’t mean that they won’t be playing next week when the NFL Preseason officially starts. This means that the two teams will actually have five preseason games this season, which is a good thing for the players that are trying to make an impression.

Since this is kind of a bonus game, we are going to predict that there won’t be many starters in this game. The Dallas Cowboys fans want to see Jaylon Smith take the field, but the reports are saying that Cowboys don’t intend playing him this game, so the fans will have to wait another week for the second year linebacker to take the field.


Ryan Switzer is also another player that the fans are interested in since they have heard a lot of good things about this lad over the past couple of months. A small injury occurred during the camp so Switzer is going to rest for this game.

The fact of the matter is that the Dallas Cowboys are going to take a good look at Jonathan Cooper this Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals. Chaz Green is unable to play and this is a great chance for Cooper to make an impression. Even though starters like Prescott and Elliott likely won’t take the field, this will be a good chance for the fans to take a look at rookies like  Awuzie and Charlton, guys that are expected to make an impact this season. Quarterback Luke McCown should probably get a chance to play as well.