Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants Predictions

image source: 1010collins.com

If you are looking for best rivalries in NFL you certainly need to look in the direction of Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. In this season opener, these two teams will add another chapter in the match that will hopefully be fantastic and remembered for a long time.

Many things have changed when we compare these two teams with what they were during the last season, and we think that this game could go either way. Our prediction is that Cowboys will win this one but that it will not be an easy win.

One of the problems for Dallas Cowboys is that their starting quarterback has suffered a back injury. Reports say that Tony Romo will be out of the game for six to ten weeks. Instead of Romo, we will see Dak Prescott that had fantastic preseason and for many, it is more than a good replacement for leader of the offense. We know that Giants were very weak when it comes to defense in the last season, and this might be the ideal game for Dak to start.

Let’s talk about Giants. The offense is pretty good. They are lead by Eli Manning, and they can be very dangerous, but as we saw earlier, they had a lot of problems with inconsistency. Even bigger problem is their defense that can cost them a lot like it was the case before.

There are many question marks about this game, and we could see at least few player taking center stage. Many believe that Dak Prescot will show superstar quality and take his team to victory. Another Cowboy that could give a lot in its rookie season is Ezekiel Elliott, and it is predicted that he might get two touchdowns and go for more than 100 yards. Pretty bold predictions.


image source: areyouwatchingthis.com

When we take a look at the Cowboys team, we can agree that they have a weak secondary. One of the Giants could nicely benefit from this, and we might see two touchdowns for Odell Beckham Jr. Some even say that he might get 125+ receiving yards.


What do you think? How will this battle end?