Dallas Cowboys Will Wear Different Uniforms Versus New York Giants


The Dallas Cowboys are facing the New York Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium after they had defeated Washington last week to end the losing streak. The game versus the Giants will be specific for the Cowboys because they are going to wear navy jerseys in combination with white pants instead of the silver pants that are usually a part of the combo. This is the first time in the history of the club to make a change such as this.

The rule in the NFL is that the home team determines the uniform color. Thus, the Giants opted for all-white Color Rush uniforms for the game. Because they will be in all-white, the Cowboys selected the navy jerseys and the same white pants they had in Week 13.


There are several reasons why the Cowboys selected the white pants instead of the silver ones. First of all, the veteran wide receiver Dez Bryant advocated the navy/white combination because he believed that it would look good. This match against the Cowboys bitter rival – the Giants – is the perfect occasion to try on this new outfit combination, especially since the Giants are going all-white.

Color Rush uniforms are worn by the teams who are playing their games on Thursday but considering that Dallas had only one match on Thursday and that was a Thanksgiving night, so it wasn’t a Color Rush Game. According to Giants equipment director Joe Skiba, the Giants selected this duel to be a Color Rush because they wanted to do “a game the fans are going to be excited for and amped up for — that’s definitely the Dallas home game.”