Dallas Cowboys Will Win Super Bowl This Year?

Source: youtube.com

There are so many rumors about the upcoming season, and so far, we have had an interesting offseason with players changing teams that are trying to fill up their empty spots with right solutions. We know it is a long way to go, but we think the Dallas Cowboys could win Super Bowl in 2017. Here are four reasons which are in favor of this claim.

1. Prescott and Elliott

The Cowboys finished the 2015 season with an awful 4-12 record and with aging Tony Romo, the fans were scared just to think about the future of their team. However, the 2016 NFL Draft changed things for the better, and the Cowboys selected Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott who turned over this franchise upside down. That was impressive scouting by the Cowboys, but also luck played its role.


Dallas has created a new young core with Elliott and Prescott who have quickly become the two most important guys on the team. Both of them are talented and can only improve. First of all, Elliott improved the offense so much, and the rivals need to adjust their defensive sets accordingly. When he has a great running game which is often, it opens space for Prescott to show off. They are both tremendous players, but what makes it scary is that they fit the system perfectly and they are a perfect combination themselves.

2. Takeaways

In 2014, the Cowboys were the best takeaway team, but then, the 2015 season ensued, and they disappointed in every aspect of the game. In 2014, the team had 31 takeaways compared to 2015 when they only had 11. There were so many factors involved such as healthy Romo and a potent offense or an inept offense that allowed opposing teams to play more conservative and run the ball.

Last year, the Cowboys once again improved, and they created ten more takeaways in the season. This wasn’t too surprising since the offense has been enhanced and defense had a chance to rest more, creating more opportunities. The defense attacked the rivals with a lot of energy, putting the pressure on the quarterbacks who caused the ball to fly loose a lot more than the last season.

Be that as it may, four main contributors at the defensive end tested the free agency this offseason – Brandon Carr, Barry Church, Morris Claiborne and J.J Wilcox. However, the Dallas’ front office saw that there is a lot of talent in this year’s draft, so they decided to fill these spots with some great young players who have a tremendous potential.


One of them is the rookie Chidobe Awuzie who has an ability to move quickly and jump in front of receivers, but he can also be used to blitz off the edge. Another player we need to mention is Jourdan Lewis which accelerates quickly, and he had a solid career in college. On the other hand, there is also Anthony Brown who is not as quick as Awuzie and Lewis, but he has very good hands. Furthermore, there are other guys on the roster such as Nolan Carroll, Orlando Scandrick, Byron Jones and Jeff Heath who might have a breakout season.

3. The Right Team

The front office draws the right moves, and this team is finally looking good. The Cowboys are talented, but it takes a lot more to win Super Bowl. Also, entering the 2017 season, the Cowboys have depth on the roster, and it appears that all of the players are on the same page. Everybody is doing their role, and Dallas has started to build a culture with the guys who like to fight and leave everything on the field.

4. Revenge

Dallas had a fantastic season finishing at the top seed in the NFC, but they lost in the playoffs, and they still have a lot to prove. They will have to be as dominant as in 2016, and the first goal is winning the East again. Once the playoffs start, the players will be locked in, not allowing the mistakes from the previous season to occur. Hopefully, we can see Dallas Cowboys players holding the Lombardi at the end.