Dallas Mavericks – Season Preview And Predictions


This squad has been written off many times after they won the title back in 2011, but they keep making the Playoffs. They probably have a better team than they had last season. Mavs acquired some players that should help them make the postseason and be in the middle of the pack in the NBA.

Dirk Nowitzki is back for a couple more years. Even though not nearly as good as he was in his prime, he showed that he is still productive, that’s what we saw in the last season. Probably, even exceeded the expectations during the last year. Wes Matthews is still on the team, and he is more than a versatile shooting guard who can knock down threes and defend more than one position.

Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are their biggest offseason additions. Barnes is a good two-way player that was overshadowed by the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green in Golden State. If he is for real like we think he is, then we should see him prove it this season with consistent all around numbers. Around 17 PPG would be great for the first year in Dallas.

Andrew Bogut is that center that Mavericks need. Pachulia was great for them last season, and there is no reason for Bogut not to be productive in Dallas.


This team will move forward when there is a player that is better than Dirk. As long as he is their main man, it means that nobody has really developed to be the next leader of this bunch. And this season, Nowitzki is still their best player, someone will need to step up soon if Mavs want to be competitive and have a shot at the title.

Mavericks should be able to make the Playoffs with the record of 43-39. It sounds just about right for this squad. But they will exit the postseason in the First Round. They will be facing against one of those Top 3 teams in the Western Conference, maybe win a game or two, but that is it. That’s where it ends for these 2016-2017 Dallas Mavericks.