Is Daniel Bryan Cleared To Wrestle?

We could hear rumors of Daniel Bryan returning to the ring and those intensified over the past couple of days. That story was delivered by Brie Bella when she hinted that her husband Daniel Bryan might have been cleared to return to the ring. Actually, the Royal Rumble match could be the place for Bryan to make his first appearance after a long pause. But, are these rumors true? Is he really going to make his return?

Well, we don’t know that. But, what we do know is the fact that he still hasn’t been cleared to return by WWE doctors. It is the head doctor and the main man in WWE’s medical staff Joseph Maroone that hasn’t allowed Bryan to return.

Daniel has gotten a second opinion, third, fourth and many more opinions. All of his private doctors have cleared him, but that’s not what matters in the WWE. The only evaluation that matters is from the company’s doctor. To them, he is not capable of wrestling.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer states that Bryan is really stuck in a bad time. Ten years ago, he would have already made his return. Now, the WWE is extra careful with their talent as something happening to Bryan would be a disaster for the company in a court of public opinion. Their image would suffer.

On the other hand, 10 years from now, when somebody suffers the same injuries that Bryan did during his career, the technology will allow us to find out whether or not that somebody should wrestle again.

Right now, Bryan is not cleared, and it seems that WWE doesn’t plan to put him back in the ring. Vince McMahon is not going to make the decision on Daniel’s return. WWE’s doctors will.