Daniel Bryan Comments On Wrestling At Wrestlemania 34


The story about Daniel Bryan possibly coming back to wrestle in the ring is only going to get bigger and bigger going forward. Why? Because his contract is up this year and he is going to have to make a decision on whether or not he is going to take the money and stay with the WWE, knowing that they are likely not going to let him wrestle. The second option for this guy is to go to the Indy scene, do what he loves to do and not work for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

WWE for sure doesn’t want him to leave for somebody like NJPW as he is going to attract a lot of people to the other promotions. They will likely try to shut him up with a lot of money, but that might not be enough to keep him there.

Because of that, the rumor has it that WWE has offered him to wrestle in a tag-team match at Wrestlemania, where he is not going to be in the ring all the time as it is much easier for him to be in a battle where he doesn’t have to take a lot of bumps, which is definitely something that the company wants to avoid.


The reports are saying that he is not really fond of that idea, but he will likely accept this option if WWE offered that to him. Zayn/Owens vs. Shane/Daniel is the match that WWE proposed. Here is what Daniel thinks about it.

“I don’t know and I don’t think they know. I think it all depends on whether or not I get cleared. As of this moment, as of today, I am not cleared by WWE. I have done everything in my power. Everything they have asked me to and I have gone above and beyond as far as ‘OK, what doctors do you need me to see. Send me to any doctor you want, any doctor that you want and let’s get their feedback on what is going on with me’.”