Daniel Bryan Frustrated With WWE About One Thing


There hasn’t been a bigger star in recent memory than Daniel Bryan back in the day when he was in his prime. The company really didn’t want to push him as a top guy because of his size and his look, but the fans didn’t leave them any choice. Nobody believed that he was going to win the most important title in the main event of the biggest show that WWE puts together, but he has achieved that. Nobody can take that away from this man.

He is the biggest star since John Cena back in his day. Even now, he is the one that gets the best reactions from the crowd. It is a shame that the injuries forced him to retire from the WWE ring. He might be back wrestling when his contract runs out, but, as for now, he is just the GM on Smackdown Live.

Bryan has had a great feud with The Miz as the General Manager. It was just via words and insults as Daniel Bryan is frustrated with the company and the fact that they are not allowing him to be physical with anybody on the program. Former WWE star Ryback has talked about this situation in a recent interview.


“Daniel Bryan told me the worst thing to be up there is an on-screen personality because then you just get your scripted lines and you physically can’t exert yourself. You just have to sit there. It’s like you want to just… it’s not a good thing. Yeah, yeah, I’m sure that he’s happy,” Ryback said jokingly.

The Big Guy also talked about the feud between The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Even though they have really insulted each other in their promos, Ryback says that it was all scripted. He knows that Daniel and Mike are actually really good friends that have a lot of history together and that they have helped each other a lot in their careers with the WWE.