Daniel Bryan Wrestling In The WWE Topic Is Again Heating Up


It seems that this topic is never going to go away if he signs another deal with the company. Well, unless either WWE decides to clear Daniel Bryan to return to the ring or he leaves the company because they didn’t want to do it. This is the year when his deal expires, and it is going to be interesting to see how Vince goes about dealing with one of the most popular guys in wrestling in the past ten years.

If Bryan decides to leave and perform for another company like New Japan Pro Wrestling, it is going to be a huge deal for him and the organization that signs him. WWE is also going to take a big hit. Vince will try and avoid that by throwing a lot of money at Daniel, but it seems that he is valuing wrestling over money at this stage of his career. The guy just wants to get back in the ring and show what he can do.


WWE has hinted that they just might put him in some kind of a match with Bryan getting involved with Kane on Monday Night Raw when he was there to build the Survivor Series. Then, he has had some kind of conflict with Shane McMahon where he got a little bit aggressive. Can that lead to a Wrestlemania match? Here is what Bryan thinks about it.

“I assume that if I don’t wrestle by WrestleMania, I probably won’t be wrestling with the WWE at all. That’s my assumption. It’snot a black and white answer,” Bryan stated. “There are a lot of issues with me getting cleared by WWE. They have a very strict protocol, which is a good thing, but the timeline of all that happening was not the best for me. It’s an interesting situation that will develop.”