Daniel Craig to star in the next James Bond movie!?


James Bond movie franchise is the only one that has managed to hold on for so long and still be successful. With 26 films and 54 years of lasting I believe that many of us rushed into theaters whenever a new one appeared on the big screen, and with each and every one on that screen, we were more and more delighted every time. If you recall the latest news regarding the last James Bond – Mr. Daniel Craig has refused to continue being the Britain’s most famous secret agent, but now we have information which indicates that he is probably having a change of heart.

If you recall, Mr. Craig, in an interview sometime last year made a statement which infatuated us where he said that he would “slash my wrists” before accepting another James Bond role. Many of us hoped that he was making fun with the reporters when he said something like this, but it seemed that he was very much honest in his statement and meant it seriously. In an instant that broke a lot of James Bond and Daniel Craig’s fan-club hearts, but it seems that it might have been just a bad day for him because now we believe that he will reconsider and even accept a new role in the next James Bond installment.

Why do we think that this might happen? Well here is the reason! On a New York Comic Con that took place last weekend Daniel Craig showed up and made a statement that he really likes doing what he does and that he wouldn’t change it. His actual words are “As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the best job in the world. I’ll keep doing it as long as I still get a kick out of it. If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly”. This is something, right?

Many will agree that the role of James Bond that Daniel played is one of the, let’s say, violent ones as opposed to his predecessor Pierce Brosnan. He doesn’t have a hard time convincing us that he can end lives using only his bare fists. Craig is also the only James Bond that has very little confidence in the tech gizmos he is carrying around than in brute power available at any moment. This is probably one of the reasons he has such a big fan crowd and fan culture surrounding him and why there would be a lot of people happy if he would return. Well just for those people here is a statement that Daniel made on the same Comic Con in NY regarding the interview he gave about slashing his wrists saying “They say that sh*t sticks, and that definitely stuck. It was the day after filming (stopped on Spectre). I’d been away from home for a year”.


Guess the reporters just caught him in a wrong moment, and he snapped at them with the mentioned statement which caught us by surprise. We are just glad that it is out in the clear, and that we can hope to see Daniel once more (and later many more times) as the famous 007.