Darksiders 3: Updates on the Release Date and First Trailer

Source: darksidersdungeon.net

We have some good news! Darksiders 3 is on its way, and the developer published the game’s first trailer.

Gunfire Games is in charge of Darksiders 3, and it is expected for this one to be available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The release date is anticipated sometime during 2018.

According to a Gematsu report, this game was initially leaked by an Amazon listing.

Presently, the Amazon listing says that the game’s release date will be around December 2018. However, it appears that that’s the time when the retailer applies for some products which don’t have an official release date.

It was also hinted that Darksiders 3 will cast its players into the role of Fury, a wizard with a whip magical power to combat all sorts of evil. Fury is a part of the Four Horsemen and can be depicted as “enigmatic and unpredictable.” The other two Darksiders games included two other members of these Four Horsemen, and those were War and Death. So it seems that this character’s description accurately fits into the series’ design.

Source: darksidersdungeon.net

This sequel is illustrated as an “open-ended, living, free-form game” in which players need to use Fury’s mastery so as to conquer the seven deadly sins. The description of the product and different screenshots both testify of the game keeping the franchise’s trademark art style.

The history behind the development of the Darksiders series has always been amazing. Originally, THQ created it as a hack-and-slash action/adventure title with elements of Gothic horror. The second game developed further upon many features established by the original, but usually gave players more of the same thing.

Both Darksiders titles were given great ratings from the players, but the games were always seen as essentially flawed, showing more potential than they knew. Once THQ closed, this series was still one of their most precious properties.

As THQ Nordic got hold of the franchise, it remains to be seen whether they will accomplish fulfilling the game’s true potential.