Dating a Gamer – 3 Tips for a Successful Relationship

If you are both into gaming, it might seem like a match made in heaven. You are sure you’ll understand each other’s passion for video games and that you will be able to find that ideal balance between everyday life and gaming. However, there is more to gamer dating than just love for video games. It’s a great start, but it will take time to build and maintain a healthy relationship even when only one partner is a gamer. It can get even trickier if you are both crazy about this form of entertainment. So here to help you are some essential tips for building and maintaining a healthy relationship with a hard-core gamer as stated by

Make sure you get a free pass

Once or twice a year there is that one new game that comes out that you have been waiting for. Now, it is important to make sure that when it drops you both are ready to take a step back and let the game dominate your lives for a couple of days. It is a free pass so that the regular relationship things can be put on hold until the game has been played. This might sound a bit silly, as for most, real life is more important than gaming, but you choose to date a gamer, so this is something that can help your relationship. Being understanding when it comes to the importance of games in your partner’s life can help build a far stronger relationship that can truly last. 

Find a game you both like

When you meet gamers, they will often talk about their preferences when it comes to video games. For some it is the first-person shooters, others prefer to immerse themselves into RPGs, and then, there are always those games that you can play as a couple. For example, Tekken and Mortal Combat are fun martial arts games where you get to fight each other, perfect for getting the anger out after a disagreement. On the other hand, there are immersive strategizing ones like BattleBlock Theater where you need to work together in order to finish the game. It can be a lot of fun, and not only that, it also helps build trust and you’ll get to know your partner a lot better based on the way they play a certain type of game.

Be regulars at local gaming events

The one thing most gamers have in common is that they would rather spend their time indoors playing games than going out and exploring the great outdoors. They even prefer to meet their respective others on reputable gamer dating sites. Now, such an approach is flawless when you are single, but as a couple, it is important to find things you can do together outside of your home base. This is where gaming events come into play. You’ll get to spend time with other gamers, meet new people, exchange experiences, and geek out over some of your favorite gaming merch. Their events are a great option for gamer couples who want to spend time together but not necessarily always in front of a screen. Attending gaming events both in your neighborhood and across the country is a great way to have real-life adventures and fun-field trips with your gamer.

When it comes to dating a gamer, the most important thing is to accept them and their love for video games. Thinking you can change them or wanting them to stop playing will not have a positive effect on your relationship. So grab that joypad and start the next chapter of your life’s journey with the gamer of your dreams.