Where Does David Johnson Rank Among NFL’s Best Running Backs?


David Johnson has just put on a one-man show against the San Francisco 49ers. Playing on the road, without their starting quarterback, Johnson stepped up and carried his team on his back. Besides Fitzgeralds catches, Johnson was the only good thing on the Cardinals.

He ran for 157 yards and two TDs, and he also added 28 receiving yards. He was consistent all season long and is the one player on this team that has shown up in every single match. This makes us think about best running backs in the NFL and where does David Johnson rank amongst them?

As a running back that is also able to catch passes out of the backfield, this man is highly valuable to his team. His pass catching is also just as reliable as his running game. Which players are actually better than this man?


Well, Le’Veon Bell is probably the best RB in the game, at least at this moment. His elusiveness is just on another level, and he is making people miss all over the place. We don’t think Johnson is better than him. There is also Adrian Peterson who has shown that he can do it all when he is healthy so we won’t put him above AP.

Elliot and Gurley are still just as young as David Johnson, but Cardinals’ back has been the most successful player of them three. So we give him the advantage. We also need to put Charles in there, since he is elite when he is healthy. But we also aren’t sure that he is better than Johnson.

At the end of the day, we are ready to put David Johnson in the Top 5 for sure, and probably even into the Top 3 running backs in the NFL. His consistency is his best attribute, and there is no doubt that he has been Cardinals’ best player so far this season.