Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin Getting into Shape for Cable


When Deadpool was released last year, it received a lot of attention, and ever since they broke the news about making the sequel, the upcoming title was talked about even more. Many cast members have been discussed for a long time, but there is one character that was speculated about most. As you can guess, we are talking about Cable.

For quite some time, there was a long list of candidates for the role of Cable, including some great names, such as Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, as well as David Harbour. However, in the end, none of them got the part. Though it was completely unexpected, the role was eventually given to Josh Brolin. But, as for David Harbour (known for Stranger Things), we should mention that, although he missed the chance to play Cable, we will soon see him as Hellboy.


When it comes to Brolin, he is, needless to say, more than happy that it was him that they trusted this great part. The actor will make his appearance in both Deadpool 2 and most likely X-Force.

Brolin is not trying to hide his enthusiasm, and this guy has recently posted on his Instagram that he is working hard trying to get into shape for the movie. He posted a photo and a caption which said: “Cable’s coming, growing from the inside, Clean building from a past of donut travel to the present hard case that he is. No sugar. No bread. No pastas. The machine is being built.” You can check out the photos below.

As you probably already know, the movie is slated to hit theaters in 2018, but in the meantime, stay tuned for more news. We promise we’ll keep you updated.