Deadpool 2 – New Wilson’s Superpower


No matter how many articles about Deadpool there are, there is always something new to write about regarding this highly popular superhero. This time we have come across a funny fact about the sequel.

There have been many questions regarding body parts which Deadpool can regenerate. Superpowers of Wade Wilson are a common topic, but there has been one special that has been tormenting numerous fans. This is whether Deadpool can regenerate his intimate parts or not. This statement has been kept secret for a long time, but it’s officially revealed. Believe it or not – yes, he can.

Each person who watched the Deadpool movie can tell that Wade has the ability to grow his hands if they get detached from his body. Nonetheless, nowhere in the first movie can we see if our favorite superhero can regenerate some other part of his body. Therefore, this question was raised and, according to the Mutant’s creator, Rob Liefeld, his superpowers can restore other body parts, as well, and this one in particular.


According to Nerdist, Liefeld was asked what would happen if Deadpool lost his precious body part, allegedly his favorite one. He said it wouldn’t be possible to let Deadpool live without this body part, therefore confirming he would have an ability to regenerate it in the next sequel of the movie.

Furthermore, as we have found out, the Deadpool 2 team is preparing something great for us, since the shooting is to start this summer, so they need to make sure everything is ready for the spectacle they are going to make. Whether the segment is about his regeneration of his favorite body part or something else, it is certainly highly awaited, and everyone is looking forward to seeing it as soon as possible.