Deadpool 2: News and Updates


The most entertaining superhero is coming back soon in Deadpool 2 with some novelties, and the audience is more than eager to see what kind of sequel the crew has prepared for us.

By accident or not, somehow videos of Charley Palmer Rothwell and Irish actor Killian Scott ended up online. The video shows the two of them trying for the role of a new character in Deadpool called Mike.

In his video, Scott talks to another person whose identity is unknown. The conclusion that could be drawn from their conversation is that Scott’s character is in danger and he is asking that person to help him.


“How much power we have, together. Our gifts are unique we’re made for each other. Okay, fire and the ultimate fuel. And the man with the silver arm is gonna come back here for you and when he does, we’ll have a chance to be free this f—ing steel. Okay? And if you take with you, I can protect you because I have control of the monster down below. He can protect the both of us, right? This is how I see it give us a bit of time to make things right. Cause, honestly, I’m not a good man. But I’m no liar, okay? I’m no liar. And I wanna show you that there can be real justice in this f—ing world. Real freedom, you’re not alone boy. See this? [possibly pointing to scars] I knew the man that raised you, maybe even better than you did. And you know we can make him pay for what he did to us. We make every single soul that hurt us buddy. Start by tell me your name.”

According to some rumors that started to circulate, these guys were trying out for the role of Black Tom, but supposedly it was Jack Kesy who got it.


Another possibility is that they were trying for a completely new character that is going to be introduced in the next movie’s installment. Also, most likely the sentences themselves in the dialogue were not the part of any script because the production wants to keep everything under the veil of mystery.

Deadpool 2 will be released on June 1, 2018, and that’s when we will get the chance to see who’s going to be the part of the next film.