‘Deadpool 2’ News and Update: Leslie Jones Wants to Be Ryan Reynolds Loudmouth Sidekick


Once again, an American comedian and actress Leslie Jones expressed her desire to become a part of “Deadpool” franchise. Apart from wishing to be Reynold’s sidekick, she also revealed which super power she would want to own in the forthcoming movie’s sequel.

Jones was a guest on Late Night with Seth Myers, and one of the brought-up topics was a monster hit Deadpool of which a sequel could go into production very soon, according to Cinema Blend. She confirmed her desire to become involved in the next installment of the X-Men franchise because she was both fascinated and thrilled with the first movie, having found it very amusing and humorous.

When it comes to the special power she would love to have if she were in the film, she was quite unique and original with her idea. Namely, she would like her character to be a loudmouth sidekick for Reynolds, whom she finds very attractive by the way. He is “the finest pieces of specimen” according to her own words. But she would love to be not merely loud, but so loud that upon screaming everyone’s clothes ‘just come off of them.’

As for the next installment of the upcoming movie, Ryan Reynolds will be returning in a lead role, and the director will be David Leitch. Not much has been discovered about the storyline of the movie, but we know that Cable, who has been brought into association with Deadpool from the very beginning, will be part of the upcoming installment.

Deadpool 2 Premiere Date

Deadpool 2 movie will be initially premiered on Jan. 12, 2018 in the United States and will appear in cinemas on March 2, 2018.