Deadpool 2 plot and release date news and updates!

Anyone who saw the first installment of this epic funny superhero movie had nothing but words of praise for it. All of this goes for beloved Ryan Reynolds who played the role of Deadpool magnificently. He was so good that it made us all feel like that is a role just for him and nobody else.

If you saw the first part that hit the big screens 12th of February 2016 in the USA, then you probably noticed that this isn’t “that” kind of superhero movie. Filled with dark, twisted sense of humor our lead character was sort of exactly the opposite of a superhero. Never the less he made us grow fond of him and his sense of humor, and we have a great news as he will be back in Deadpool 2. At the end of the movie and in a huge amount of teaser trailers we became aware of the possibility that the second installment is actually coming, and according to the latest news, it really is.

Lately, a lot of time is being used for pondering over the possible plot for the second part. A few ideas come to mind, but the strongest one is that the plot for the second part will revolve around digging deeper into Deadpool’s thoughts and past. It is most certainly going to be riddled with devastation and chaos possibly more than the first part, and we will see more of Deadpool’s clumsiness and attempts to fix the mess that he probably helped create in some part. But this is all that makes this superhero movie so funny and engaging, and it is exactly what kept us glued to the seats for the first part’s 108 minutes.

More speculations are that the possible plot of the Deadpool 2 might follow the comical superhero in an adventure where he will attempt to help save the world but ends up killing all the Marvel superheroes. This is a little far fetched at this point but since the Deadpool is “slightly” unpredictable and uncontrollable everything is possible. Those who have read the Deadpool comics will probably tell you that there indeed is a darker side to Deadpool, and in the limited edition of said comics our weird superhero actually kills everyone in the Marvel universe and then threatens that he will kill all of the comic book writers. Weird ha?

What is left for us is to wait and see if we will have anymore verified news about this, because for now, everything and anything is possible. We just hope that something will float our way before the premiere of Deadpool 2 which is set for January 12th, 2018. Stay tuned because nobody finds these things faster than us!