Deadpool 2: Published Image of Young Cable?

Recently, social media has been hit with a new look of Josh Brolin’s Cable from Deadpool 2. A brand new picture was shown, and it could contribute to this character’s mysterious storyline. Does the image represent Cable before applied visual effects or is it suggesting some huge changes in Cable’s backstory?

In the photo, Cable looks quite worn out and fully armed, but the picture might show something deeper. Aficionados of the comic know that Cable was spirited away to the future by his time-displaces half-sister, Rachel Summers. His birth was thoughtfully planned out by Mr. Sinister, one of the bad guys in X-Men. His plan was to use Cable as a weapon against Apocalypse. Cable was infected with a techno-virus by Apocalypse, and that’s how he got his well known metallic arm and his red eye. The issue with the photo is that it doesn’t depict any of these. That can be explained in two ways.

Firstly, the movie is still being filmed in Vancouver. It could be the case that they will add Cable’s eye during post-production. Nonetheless, these pictures do look professional, and it looks like Cable’s signature arm has been intentionally cut out. Could all this be suggesting that this is a photo of young Cable? The Summers family does go through a lot in the comics, so it’s not unreasonable to believe that there were some alterations to his story.

Secondly, this might be a flashback from the past. We might get to see the history of Cable as he tries to tell it to Domino and Deadpool. Nonetheless, if that’s the reason, then what drives Cable to go to the past beyond the company of Deadpool? Some believe that the Teddy Bear is a big clue. The fans have had a lot of debate about Cable’s teddy bear and Hope Summers’ cameo as a possibility. One of Cable’s most important relationships is with Hope Summers, aka the Mutant Messiah. Later, Cable adopted her, and she was so motivated by him, so she took his last name.


There has been a lot of debate about the most talked character that has joined the X-Men world. Similarly to Cable himself, this picture as well can provide us with a number of possibilities. Is this image prior to editing that somehow got published online so as to give us a glimpse of the costume of the character?

Nonetheless, this photo could be a giant sign about the very much awaited sequel. It may indicate a possible change in the backstory of one the most popular Marvel characters. We shall wait and see.