Deadpool 2 – Release Date

As we have just seen, a lot of release dates for upcoming movies have been published by Fox, whereas the date for Deadpool 2 is still unknown. Although it is the only Fox/Marvel film that is going to happen for sure, no one from their company seems to want to reveal anything. Will it maybe come out on November 2, 2018, or on February 14, 2019?

If we have a look at when the release date of the first Deadpool movie was – somewhere in February, then maybe we can draw a conclusion they would do the same this time since it was quite a success at that period of the year. It might be the Valentine’s Day 2019 then. Although the gap of more than two years between two movies came as a surprise, especially because it had been known there would be another movie even before the first one hit cinemas.

Namely, since Tim Miller, director of the first film left, it probably has set them back a bit. Things between him and star Ryan Reynolds weren’t going really well, so it was a natural sequence of events. A director who took over was behind of the helm of John Wick, David Leitch, so he will certainly need some time to create what is asked of him. If he goes into action sooner than expected, there are some other possible dates, such as March 2 or June 29, 2018, since they are said to be set for unknown Marvel projects from Fox.

The only upcoming Marvel movies from Fox are New Mutants and Gambit, both of these without an official schedule or without some even bigger issues. Maybe the reason none of these dates has a title attached to it is simply that Fox can’t decide on when to premiere which movie. Nonetheless, it might be whichever is ready to come out first. What we know for sure is that there are three films and four dates, so clearly Fox has already something in mind.

Deadpool 2 Release Date

Anyway, what is your opinion on the release date of Deadpool 2? Will we have to wait until 2019? Write to us in the comments below.