Deadpool 2 will probably be postponed, which should come as no surprise

Even though Deadpool was a huge success last year, its sequel is still not confirmed. Namely, Deadpool 2 has undergone some important changes, which have had an impact on the crucial elements of the movie. Firstly, director Tim Miller dropped out of the film, and subsequently, composer Junkie XL departed as well. Bearing in mind the recent reports of turmoil in the development process of Deadpool 2, especially during the last few weeks, we can say that delays are foreseeable. But, you know what they say – all good things to those who wait.

The presumption mentioned above has recently been supported by the report from Collider. As it was already said, Tim Miller’s departure did harm to the production of the movie, for a number of its pivotal segments have not been dealt with yet, since he is no longer in charge of the project. More precisely, the on-going casting process for Domino, the female character, ended abruptly due to Miller’s decision to leave the production. Furthermore, set costume design and the like have been put on hold, waiting for 20th Century Fox to think of a solution for this problem. Now, if we consider all the listed changes, even the possibility of Deadpool 2 being produced in March, instead of January, as initially announced, doesn’t sound very promising.

Honestly, such course of action could be expected, since the departure of a director inevitably causes significant problems in the development of a film. Therefore, it was highly likely that Deadpool 2 would be delayed the minute Miller decided to leave. Regardless of who the replacement for the former man in charge is going to be, it will certainly take some time until that person manages to introduce new ideas and make his/her own mark on the film. However, it can be said that everything is under control. What is important is that the star Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox waste no time – then it will be possible to compensate for Miller’s departure and get everything back on track before 2018 when the film is supposed to be released.

It should also be mentioned that the issue of Miller’s replacement might very soon be resolved. David Leitch, the director of John Wick, has recently negotiated with 20th Century Fox representatives and Ryan Reynolds about the possibility of him directing the forthcoming sequel. Should they come to an agreement, Deadpool 2 is very likely to avoid any further delays.

At the time, the film is supposed to hit theaters sometime in 2018, but if any further delays do occur, contrary to present expectations, you can follow us for more details and make sure you don’t miss any important piece of information on the upcoming movie.